The Punta San Cristóbal Ranch located at Km. 112 of the Federal Highway # 19, in the section Cabo San Lucas – Todo Santos was chosen as a  Biological Station based on scientific information contained in the censuses conducted in 1991, which indicate that this zone is one of the highest densities of sea turtle nesting in the state of BCS.

The program began with biological monitoring and included community outreach with schools through a project termed “ADOPT A SEA TURTLE”, which developed at the beginning in the private home of Mr. Rene Pinal, located on the San Cristóbal ranch.

In January 1998 the construction of the first Center for Research and Protection of the Sea Turtle in the area of Boca San Cristóbal was started, to make room for research and conservation work on marine turtles. This center became the first sea turtle center or camp in BAJA CALIFORNIA SUR.

Construction ended on July 4, 1998 when the facilities were first used. The approximate cost of the Center was: $ 400,000.00 pesos, financed by: Club Regina and René Pinal, founding president of ASUPMATOMA. The San Cristóbal camp continues to work at present, fulfilling in the year 2017, its 23rd protection season.

In 1999, an area called “Camp El Suspiro” was placed in operation, located at the height of Km. 119 of the Cabo San Lucas – Todo Santos highway, between Rancho Punta San Cristóbal and Cabo Falso, in which biologists patrol approximately 16 km. This camp is currently monitored and maintained by ASUPMATOMA A.C.