Following a global initiative, in the early 90’s, the Secretariat of Urban Development and Ecology (SEDUE) initiated the Marine Turtle Protection Program where a ban for sea turtle products in Mexico was declared. Following up on this event, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) contributed funds for the SEDUE Biologists to initiate the protection of the sea turtle in the entire tip of the Baja California Sur Peninsula.

As a result, a team of biologists from the sea turtle research and protection program arrived at Rancho Punta San Cristóbal, owned by Sr. René Pinal, who with his family had already had the opportunity to witness several nestings on that property. A year later, when the international funds were finished, the initiative of Mr. Pinal and other volunteer collaborators was born, to continue with the effort along the southern portion of B.C.S.

This group, worried about the deterioration of the environment, has been growing day by day, just as the threats to nature preservation grow. Due to this, our group, which has been presided over all these years by Sr. René Pinal, current president, decided to formally create a non-profit Civil Association, which was deemed official on February 15, 1995, according to Mexican law.