From January to June

If you want to come and enjoy the unique nature that Rancho San Cristóbal offers, we invite you to come and camp at our facilities. You can have fun and learn about the environment, while we teach you how to camp under a philosophy of “leave no trace”.

These camps are an excellent option to foster the spirit of union between family, friends and co-workers (teambuilding events).

Aimed at the general public.

Objective: To transmit knowledge, attitudes, values and culture to protect and conserve the environment.

Available dates: Every day, make a  reservation by email:

From July to October

From July to October during the sea turtle nesting season, ASUPMATOMA invites you to witness the amazing process of egg laying.

Aimed at the general public.

Objective: To learn about the life cycle and the importance of conserving sea turtles. We will walk along the beach to search for nesting turtles, collect the eggs and protect them in an incubation pen.

Dates available: July to October. Make a reservation at

We have a kitchen, bathrooms, and bonfire area for use.